What did we learn?

We’re back! We’re starting to collect our thoughts about the best way to grow Fix-it Atlantic this year and beyond – and we’re excited to learn from all of you.

To start with, we sent a survey to the 2017 Fix-It Fair vendors to gauge their experience of the event. We learned a lot of very useful things, including:

  • The majority of respondents agreed that repair events such as Fix-It Fairs and repair cafes are beneficial to their business.
  • All respondents were willing to attend another Fix-It Fair hosted by Clean.
  • The day and timing of the event (Saturday morning/early afternoon) was convenient for the majority of respondents, and preferable to the weeknight timing of the 2016 fair.
  • Future fairs should include more vendors offering direct repair services on-site.

We also received suggestions for venues, and detailed feedback that will help us in soliciting vendors, prizes, workshops, and appropriate spaces for a future event. (Yes! The workshops were very loud indeed.)

Receiving input and learning from participants is central to the success of Clean’s future Fix-It events. Moving forward, we’ll continue to build partnerships and engage with practitioners in the circular economy to continue to improve our repair events.

We also want to hear from people who visited the event as attendees, and people who would be interested in attending a future fair – we’ll be posting a few specific questions on this blog soon, but in the meantime feel free to leave comments below!

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  1. have never attended because I didn’t know about it….but was excited to hear about this and looking forward to the next one; will be there for sure

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