Meet the Vendor: Dartmouth Vacuum Rebuilders

Karl Hudak is the owner and primary repairer of Dartmouth Vacuum Rebuilders. After studying major and minor appliance repair in college, Karl found work at the Hoover Company and A1 Vacuum, which sparked his interest and refined his skill in vacuum repair.


Karl and a previous partner opened Dartmouth Vacuum Rebuilders 30 years ago, and not much about the shop has changed since. It’s a retro space filled with refurbished old school vacuums and sprinkled with some newer models that Karl has fixed up over the years. When I asked Karl what vacuums he recommends, he quickly told me “the older models, definitely.” He said what a lot of people in the repair business typically say–the older means the better.

“The older models are more dependable for the user, and the parts are easier to find and fix.”

Some customers came in while Karl was telling me about the most common vacuum problems (which are broken belts and clogged hoses, by the way). After some short pleasantries, the customers asked for another regular request: new vacuum bags. Karl seemed to know exactly what bags the customers needed, down to the size, style, and vacuum model. After the couple left, he told me “They’ve been coming in for years, great people.” That’s what Karl loves most about his job: meeting the people and hearing their stories. A lot of Karl’s current customers are people who used to come in with their parents as children, “I get to see people grow with their vacuums.”

Karl’s excited to be returning to the Fix-It Fair again this year. He’s passionate about repairing and repurposing, “I’d love to see people repair their vacuums rather than throw them away. You can easily keep a vacuum for over 30 years with the right maintenance.” At the event he’ll be answering questions, bringing some vacuums to demonstrate, and possibly selling some bags, belts, and filters.

If you have any vacuum troubles, Karl is the person to talk to; he knows vacuums inside and out (literally). Make sure to stop by his booth at the Fix-It Fair!

To learn more about Dartmouth Vacuum Rebuilders, check out their website.  And don’t forget to stop by the Halifax Fix-It Fair on October 21st at the Keith’s Brewery Courtyard to meet all of our amazing vendors!


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