Meet the Vendor: Halifax Makerspace

Halifax Makerspace is a non-profit, community-driven, multi-purpose workshop located in Bedford. It was opened by a group of Halifax makers 5 years ago with the intent of giving the people of HRM a space to use as an extension of their own workshop, or to work on individual or group projects. One of the five Directors and current President of Halifax Makerspace is Shawn Wilson. Shawn joined as a member a few years ago after he took a class on Arduino programming. He enjoys the learning aspects of the space, but the amazing maker community is what he really loves.


The space has a fully equipped woodworking shop with various saws, hand tools, sanders, routers, and two CNC mills. They also have two multi-purpose rooms dedicated to electronics, sewing, programming, art, researching, and teaching classes. And lastly, their “smelly room”, as Shawn calls it, is used for laser cutting, painting, and 3D printing. Makerspace is very accommodating to their members’ needs, the shop is always open to members starting new projects and bringing in different tools!

While I was there Shawn told me about one of their recent projects: a recycling robot! Some makers were asked by a government agency to build a functioning robot out of repurposed materials to teach kids how to properly recycle in school. Shawn described it as “an interactive puppet” to take to classrooms.


Halifax Makerspace has been part of the Fix-It Fair for the last two years. They have really enjoyed it each time, and the items brought to their booth to be fixed never fails to amuse the makers; “People bring in typical things like lamps, but there’s always a few items that are so unique and interesting.” Like moving ceramic clowns! They’re very excited to see what people will bring in this year.

The Makerspace isn’t solely for creating, it’s also a great space to repair! Many members use the space to fix up old or broken items, like video game consoles and a Missile Command cabinet. And it doesn’t hurt to have a team of repairers and builders around to help you out.

This year Halifax Makerspace will be bringing a variety of tools, glues, lubricants, and toolboxes packed full of stuff to demonstrate to the Fix-it Fair. They’ll also be doing some repairs at their booth!

Learn more about the Makerspace on their website. And don’t forget to come to the Halifax Fix-It Fair on October 21st to check out all of our wonderful vendors!

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